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Sandy Point is a town in Victoria. It is quite a small town, with a population of 227, but due to its amazing tourist attractions, it grows to several thousand during holiday periods.

Before the European settlement, Sandy Point was the home of the Aboriginal people of the Bratowoolong tribe. It was discovered by Europeans in 1797, when three sailors were shipwrecked there, although it wasn't until 1860s when people began to settle there.

After the settlement, some construction began on the town. Many farms were built and shortly after, there was a railway built. In 1924, a post office was built, although it was knocked down in 1994. With the growth of Sandy Point as a town, and the fact that it was such nice beaches and beautiful surroundings, by the 1960s, it was an extremely popular tourist destination.

Today, Sandy Point is a quiet town, about two hours from Melbourne and a huge tourist destination. Because of its beaches, there are some great water activities for tourists, including surfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and even just a relaxing swim or sunbake.

Kitesurfing at Sandy Point

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